“…that by His power, He may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith.”  2 Thes. 1:11

Our Team:

Charlene Tinnesz, Founder/President/Director

Charlene TinneszCharlene was born and raised in upstate New York, moving to Florida several years ago to escape the cold, snow and gray of the northeast.   She has taught Sunday school for preschoolers, and helped in the nursery at her churches for several years.  Her passion for orphans first began in 2009.  In her testimony, you can read more about her journey leading up to the founding of Heart of Orphans First.

Charlene has three children, and three precious grandsons, that she adores.  She works as a senior manager in communications for an insurance company.  She attends HighPoint Community Church, where she is also a member of the Mission Team.

Brenda Davis, Vice-President/Director

Brenda Davis, Vice-President, Heart for Orphans FirstA life-long resident of Jacksonville, Florida, Brenda has worked with children, youth and young adults for many years. She has been a Sunday school teacher for various age groups as well as a volunteer for Vacation Bible School. Brenda has done mission work with refugees both locally and in Georgia, and recently served on a mission team at the Cabaret Baptist Children’s Home in Haiti, sharing bible studies to the young children at the orphanage.

Brenda is married with two sons and six grandchildren. She has been a medical practice administrator for over 30 years, and serves at Mandarin Baptist Church.


Rachel (Bratton) Ringley, Secretary/Treasurer/Director

Rachel RingleyOriginally from Lithia Springs, Georgia, Rachel Ringley has called Jacksonville, Florida home since 1984. In Florida, Rachel discovered her passion for serving others through her church. She has served in multiple service capacities, including participating in a community feeding ministry, teaching Sunday school to preschoolers, facilitating high school Bible studies and developing special events for youth. In addition, Rachel served on a “planting team” that established a mission church in St Augustine, Florida. This proved to be a life-changing experience through which God pricked her heart to work with families that had never been exposed to church. Attending conventional church was not an option for this sector; instead, Rachel focuses on bringing the Gospel of Christ to people where they live. God’s training also led to opportunities for Rachel to minister to military families’ post-911 and during the Iraq War. Her heart for children of every age and their families has been a passion for 25+ years.

Rachel is a proud mom of an incredible 25 year-old son, works full time in the insurance industry as a professional relations specialist, and currently serves as the Connections Team Coordinator for her church.

Frank Santamaria, M.D., Director

FrankSantamaria.1Frank was born and raised in Brighton, Massachusetts, the first American-born son to Italian immigrant parents.  The family moved to Florida when Frank was in his late teens and he gave his heart to Christ shortly thereafter.  From an early age he had wanted to become a physician, hoping to make some impact in a hurting world.  Eventually he realized this goal, becoming a physician and practicing in the field of hospice medicine. He presently serves as a medical director of a health insurance company.

An event that helped to shape his life was a summer-long mission trip to Kenya, Africa, at age 24. There, Frank was able to see clearly the needs that exist in the third world, how far the needs were to being consistently met, and how precious were those he met along the way.  It took all he had to come back home after that summer, for he had fallen in love with the people of that African nation.  While there, though, Frank was particularly struck by the plight of the deaf children.  At the time, children born deaf were typically given up by their families and placed in orphanages, having a poor quality of life. Hoping to leave them better than when he found them, the truth was that Frank realized these children really gave him much more than he could ever have given them.

Later, Frank became increasingly aware of his own Mother’s heart for orphans and of her desire to have a great impact for many of these little ones. Sadly, a battle with cancer meant she would never fully realize this dream.  It is now Frank’s mission to carry on the legacy left by his mother, a legacy of hope for God’s little ones.  Their plight worldwide is great, but their Shepherd is greater still.

Donna McCutchen, LCSW

Donna McCutchenDonna McCutchen is a native Floridian, but has traveled and worked abroad while her husband served in the US Navy for over 10 years. She settled back in Florida in 1999 where she has since been practicing as a FL Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in children and family issues. She is actively involved in Florida’s foster care community, and has been blessed with 4 children via biology, foster and adoption.

Donna’s passion for children began at an early age when due to a family members unfortunate circumstance, she was personally involved in the foster care system. Her focus for children world wide has most recently become a larger part of her vision due to increasing incidents of natural disaster, child sex-trafficking, world hunger, and most importantly, the high number of orphans worldwide. Donna attends HighPoint Community Church, and now calls Fleming Island Florida her home, where she lives happily with her husband and 4 children.