Jesus said “Seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the cause of the fatherless…” (Isaiah 1:17)

In the Western world, we commonly think of an “orphan” as a child who has been separated from both parents by death or abandonment and does not have any surviving parent or family to care for her or him.

However, the “fatherless” include more than just a child who has no parents.  These are children who often have no food, no shelter, no protection, no medical care, no love or nurture that parents and family uniquely provide.  “Statistics” cannot adequately reflect the total number of children in this category, but here are a few facts:

  • There are an estimated 163,000,000 (MILLION!) orphans worldwide.
  • In Haiti alone, there are more than 300 orphanages.
  • Every 15 seconds a child loses a parent to Aids.
  • An estimated 8.4 MILLION children (many of them orphans) live in some form of slavery, prostitution, pornography or as child soldiers.
  • There is an epidemic of child slavery in Haiti; you can buy a child in 10 minutes for as little as $150.